House sale valuations


The assessment of a property to sell house quickly is to estimate the value to prepare for a sale or refinance the property, perform acts of management (to take stock of the value of the property as part of a healthy management, determine the rental value, etc..) pay the property taxes or check their validity (inheritance tax, property tax on property), declare annually the value of a property portfolio listed on the stock exchange, defend its rights in court. Property valuations are useful for people who say I want to sell my house fast.

The value of a property investment depends on the nature of the building (existing or potential use, area, architectural quality, condition, comfort level), its immediate environment (home, neighborhood), legal data (zoning , tenure of local limitations granted the right to dispose) and finally economic data (general economic conditions, conditions specific type of real estate, local conditions). All this data is collected to help a seller who is hoping that someone will buy my house, get a better sale price.

One of the main methods of house assessment is based on the average price per m². It is based on a preliminary study of the local market through a collection of information on the price of a number of transactions for similar properties in order to then generate average cost per square meter . Having emerged in the United States in 2006, the personalized real estate appraisal on the Internet have now become popular and are accessible to all